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Nichola has designed a variety of workshops and short courses, offering her unique traditional drawing programs in three of London's most renowned museums.   Nichola also offers  a variety of private tuition through her home studio, online lessons and museum lessons at the V&A


Nichola Eddery Atelier workshops, short courses, private tuition, and online lessons are designed for all levels of drawing experience, including the complete beginner.  Nichola welcomes adults of all ages as well as a GCSE & A-level student, to learn and draw from classical antiquity in The British Museum, sculptures in the V&A and Old Masters paintings in The National Gallery, casts in Nichola's studio and Bargue plates.  The half and full-day workshops are designed for people eager in learning introductory stages in traditional drawing. The short courses are intended for those who wish to receive a more informed and intensive drawing programme.   Private tuition can offer all the stages of traditional drawing followed by traditional painting lessons.


Through a step-by-step methodology, Nichola will provide demonstrations and exercises to give students the ability to learn the vital stages of drawing.  This includes how to start a drawing and learn how to achieve a clearer understanding of proportion, structure, gesture, form, value, light and shadow through line and tonal gradation.  The class exercises will help students to understand these concepts to enable them to work towards an informed and developed drawing, intended to make their draftsmanship considerably stronger. 


Over the past seventeen years, Nichola has dedicated many years to learning different traditional approaches that originate from methods used by the Old Masters.  Nichola is passionate about sharing her knowledge and over the years, she has taught one-to-one and small groups.  Through Nichola Eddery Atelier she will be dedicating more of her time to teaching, alongside her commissions and producing work for galleries. 


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