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Nichola Eddery painting in her studio with her painitng The Huntress (painting of a whippet)and Luna (painting of a white horse head)


Nichola Eddery, born in 1982, studied at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy from 2001 to 2003.  Where she was taught, a traditional method, known as the “sight size” approach, used in portraiture and life studies.  Ms. Eddery continued her studies at Studio Escalier in the Loire Valley, France, for a year in 2009 during which time she spent three months studying in Paris and copying directly from the finest Old Masters in the Louvre. In April 2010 Nichola returned to the Loire Valley to spend a an intensive seven months studying under the tutelage of Ted Seth Jacobs at his school, L' Ecole Albert Defois. In February 2011 Nichola spent a further six months with an accomplished fine artist, Ryan Wurmser in his studio in Westlake, California, USA. While in France and Los Angeles she developed her ability, and understanding in figurative, still-life, landscape, and portrait painting.  Both teachers at Studio Escalier and Ryan Wurmser are former students of Ted Seth Jacobs. In July 2014 Ms. Eddery returned to Italy to study under the world-renowned landscape artist Israel Hershberg for six weeks where she developed her skills in landscape painting.  On her return from Italy, Nichola was granted a six-month sponsorship to continue her personal study in colour theory and composition.  During this time Nichola made many transcriptions from Old Master works to strengthen her compositional skills and use of colour.  Over the years Nichola has focused on learning different traditional approaches that originate from methods used by the Old Masters and is the basis of much of her work.​ 


Nichola is the daughter of jockey Pat Eddery & lady jockey Carolyn Eddery, and great-granddaughter of jockey and trainer Harry Wragg.  Due, to being born into a family of notable equestrians and brought up on a stud, one can easily understand Nichola's keen interest in painting her chosen subject matters. For many years Ms Eddery has studied the composition of the horse and drawn great inspiration from her involvement in the horse racing industry. She also expresses great love for portraiture, still life, landscape and other figurative work. Nichola’s style reconciles her achievements in academic realism, her love for beauty and colour and passion for the sporting and fine art composition.

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