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Nichola Eddery has studied under several leading classical art teachers over a number years. This teaching programme offers a unique blend of classical training and is intended to enable her to share her knowledge of the fundamental principles involved in traditional drawing and painting through 1-1 private tuition. 


Through the use of sculptures and using Old Master works found within various museums in London and still life (a model can also be organised at an additional cost), teaching demonstrations and exercises will be provided to help each student learn the vital stages of drawing and painting.  The classes will focus on helping students achieve a clearer understanding of colour, value, light composition, structure and form intended to make their work considerably stronger and more informed.  

The initial lessons will be drawing only, providing students with the ability to learn how to start a drawing and to fully understand how to convey the interaction of light on form through line and tonal gradation.  The exercises will help the students to understand these concepts to enable them to work towards an informed and developed drawing before moving on to oil painting once these skills have been mastered.  Painting classes will then be provided to teach the additional skills necessary to enable the student to undertake form painting with confidence. Exercises will be set at each stage to enable students to continue to practice at home. 

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