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Nichola welcomes a variety of commissions. Her prices are determined through size, medium, complexity and reflect the price of works sold through her gallery. Nichola works in a variety of drawing mediums on different colour paper and on canvas for oil paintings. Traveling expenses, half or full-day hourly rate for travel commissions, frames, and shipping are for the account of the client is required to execute the commission. If you are interested in commissioning a drawing or an oil painting please contact Nichola with your idea.


Please read below the T&C's and a brief summary of how Nichola approaches a commission:


After initial contact is made to outline the nature of the desired commission, Nichola will respond with her suggestions and prices. Once a size, composition, price and time scale is agreed, Nichola will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed price. After the payment has been received a mutually convenient date and time will be agreed for Nichola to visit the subject matter in person.  During her first meeting, photographs and sketches will be taken for reference. After this initial stage, Nichola is open to discuss the photographs to determine the desired composition and if she requires further visits/sittings.  Depending on the desired piece Nichola may paint a colour study (a small, simplified version of the intended final piece) so the commissioner has a clear understanding of her vision for the artwork. Once started, Nichola may request more sittings for human portraits. Upon completion, an image via email will be presented for approval. The remaining 50% balance will be required prior to delivery.  Travel, framing, shipping and varnishing are an extra cost.  Varnishing of an oil painting is applied 6 months after completion and it is up to the owner of the piece to organise.






























Nichola’s traditional approach to drawings and paintings begins with an intricate drawing, followed by a layering technique. This indirect painting method begins with an underpainting and then Nichola will then build the painting with two more layers, followed by glazing to achieve her desired finish. This approach is slow, methodical and can take weeks to produce, but the end result is rich and luminous. An estimated timescale will be provided in the initial inquiry stages.


Costs vary according to one’s requirement, but on average drawings start at £700 and paintings start at £1400. For more price examples please view Works for Sale in the gallery section and please don’t hesitate to contact Nichola for more specific guidance on pricing.


If one desires a piece of work for a special occasion and Nichola is already committed to other work, she will provide a gift note informing the recipient of the commission and the estimated time of completion.


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