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Nichola Eddery Atelier logo | image of the horse head of Selene from the Parthenon

private Live online tuition With Nichola Eddery

Learn a Classical approach to Drawing & Painting 

Discover how to capture still life, portraits, horses, dogs and more 

Receive a bespoke personalised training programme to achieve your artistic goals


Looking for a 1-1 live online fine art course that works for you?

Below are 5 reasons to try online learning with Nichola:

  • A classically trained, dedicated, expert fine art tutor with over 10  years of teaching experience 

  • Provides personalised and structured 1-1 online lessons to adults, teens and children 11+ 

  • Teaches her unique classical step-by-step approach to drawing and painting which is based on the 19th Century French Atelier tradition that dates back to the Renaissance training in Italy

  • Choose to learn the beginner programmes, or focus on a genre (e.g.portraiture, still life, landscape, animals including horses and dogs etc.), or develop your portfolio

  • Learn from home based anywhere in the world; all you need is Wifi and an area to set-up your home studio workspace.


Nichola' s Teaching Story


2001-2003    Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence, Italy

2009-2010    Studio Escalier, Paris and Argenton, Loire Valley, France

2010              L' Ecole Albert Defois, Les Cerqeux-Sous-Passavant,                              Loire Vallery, France

2011              Ryan Wurmser, Westlake, California, USA

2014              JSS, Civita, Italy


"I am a classically trained, professional and exhibiting artist who has studied for a number of years at renowned ateliers in Italy, France and America to learn traditional methods that originate from the Renaissance masters.  I am  passionate about sharing my knowledge and I have designed structured courses to teach the fundamental principles of drawing and painting, as well as genre and portfolio programmes.  I have taught my step-by-step approach to children, teens, and adults in-person and online for many years including London museum workshops at the V&A, British Museum and National Gallery. I have had the privilege to teach students online based in the UK, Ireland, USA, Japan, Australia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I also taught regular weekly classical art classes for over three years at a private art school in London and in addition I designed all their art courses.  I know the cost and commitment involved in learning at private art schools, so I have designed a more convenient and affordable way to receive expert atelier art training. whilst in the comfort of your home and at your pace

How does online learning work?o

Throughout history, art eduction has constantly evolved and live online is an excellent way to learn, especially when you are receiving live 1-1 tuition with guidance and feedback opposed to a pre-recorded video.


  • Discuss your goals with Nichola and receive your personal study plan

  • Book your preferred time slots on the days available

  • Attend the lesson on your laptop or smart device. All you need is the Zoom link, meeting ID and password which you will receive in your booking confirmation.

  • Nichola will provide information on materials, equipment required and how to set-up your home workspace 

  • Receive exercise documents, reference material, demos, guidance, feedback and optional assignment homework.

  • For courses, Nichola recommends booking a lesson weekly, but extra time is allocated to each course, if you can't make every week or need longer to work on assignments.

  • Nichola recommends using two devices for your lesson. Use your tablet or laptop so Nichola can send you information and share her screen during the lesson. You can use your mobile with a flexible arm so that you can point the camera directly at your paper during the lesson or to take images of your work to send to Nichola during the class. You can attach the arm to the back of a chair or a side of a table or a tripod light stand. The mobile camera will allow Nichola to see you draw or paint and provide optimal 1-1 guidance throughout the lesson.

  • For image references, you can print off but for better clarity Nichola recommends using your laptop or if you have an iPad you can clip this next to your paper on your drawing board. If you are using 3 smart devices, you only need to connect two devices to Zoom.

Please email Nichola at for more information.


Clare, UK

“I was fortunate to find the Nichola Eddery Atelier back in 2020 after many years of feeling that the classical art training that I sought wasn’t accessible to me. To be able to undertake high quality training in classical realism with an exceptional artist such as Nichola through the ease of an online platform has been a dream come true. As a teacher, Nichola generously and thoughtfully shares the knowledge that she has gained over many years of studying her craft. Studying with Nichola has given me not only the skills but also the confidence to finally become a professional artist. “

Choose your Ideal study Plan

Nichola recommends drawing lessons first, as drawing is the foundation to all artistic disciplines and constitutes to three-quarters of a painting.

Charcoal and chalk on green paper of the horse head of Selene from the Parthenon


Learn the fundamental principles of drawing; line, shape, proportion, perspective, light theory, value, shading, form modelling, edges and composition. Nichola will personalise your study plan whether you are a beginner or someone more advance who wishes to learn Nichola's approach to drawing genres such as portraiture, still life, landscape, animals including the horse, the dog etc.

Oil painting portrait of lady with long dark hair with a flower head dress | Goddess Flora


Learn the fundamental principles of oil painting; value, colour theory, colour mixing, form painting, indirect and direct painting methods, oil painting techniques and composition. After you have learnt the fundamentals you can choose a genre of your preference.

Oil painting of a golden whippet lying down infront of Japanese screen of moon and blossom | symbolism for Goddess Diana


Nichola provides bespoke lessons to help achieve children/teens art scholarships, develop strong GCSE and A-Level portfolios, and she assists with personal projects. Nichola can also teach watercolour, acrylic, and pastels. Nichola also mentors students how to become a professional artist, from website content to pricing and much more.

Image for online tuition of a laptop displaying a barge drawing of Nero with instructions, photo of Nichola and her logo

How do I prepare for live online ?

  • Easel - (the easel doesn't have to be fancy - a light-weight portable and fold-up tripod easel will be perfect and prices start at £15) 

  • Chair

  • Side Table 

  • Drawing board either wood or foam board 

  • 2 drawing clips 

  • Laptop/iPad and smartphone.  Laptop/iPad is used to communicate with Nichola and share documents and references. Your smart mobile is used so Nichola can monitor your progress and for you to send images of your work throughout the lesson.  Please ensure the outside camera of your smartphone is pointing towards your work through using an extension arm clamp.  The arm extension can be placed on a light stand or on a table or on a back of a chair you are not sitting on.

  • A large window (north facing is the most ideal) or artificial light

  • You can join the lesson with your laptop/iPad and your smart mobile.  You can join zoom with the two devices but remember to disable one of the devices' audio or there will be an unpleasant echo.

  • Drawing materials: Sketch book A3 (Strathmore paper pad, 400 series, medium- girl’s portrait on the front cover), graphite pencils; H, HB, 2B & 4B (conte is Nichola's favourite), sharpener, hard rubber and putty rubber (the grey one)

  • Please see the studio image on the website demonstrating the correct set-up.  

  • Nichola will provide a list of materials for painting.



How do I book a lesson?

  • For pay-as-you-go bookings, please choose your date and available time slot.  Nichola prefers no less than 24 hours notice.

  • Nichola also offers discounted course bookings options for an introductory drawing course of 5 lessons (1 hr per class) and drawing or painting courses of 5, 10 or 15 lessons (2 hrs per class).  To book, please choose your first date and available time slot for your first lesson, and then arrange with Nichola a mutually convenient lesson times thereafter.

Lesson examples 

Would you like to book a free 15 mins consultation call or zoom call to discuss your perfect study plan and how online learning works? 

Thanks for submitting! Nichola will get back to you shortly.

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Time - book your 1-1 online lesson on your preferred time slot on: ​

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday: 10am - 6.30pm

Fridays: 10-4pm

Weekends: Please check with Nichola for availability at

Venue: Zoom 

Discounts: Up 35% discount on courses

For More info on lessons, courses & T&Cs:  Please read in lessons and courses below: click on 'Read More' 

T&Cs:  Terms and Conditions for Students


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